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Table 1 Shantha Timeline

From: Indian vaccine innovation: the case of Shantha Biotechnics

Year Milestone
1992 Dr. Varaprasad attends immunization conference in Geneva; Hep-B idea forms
1993 Shantha Biotechnics is born, staff works out of Osmania University
1994 Shantha Biotechnics moves to Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
1995 Oman invests $1.2 million in equity; Shantha moves into own facility
1997 Shantha's Hepatitis B vaccine, Shanvac-B, launched (first recombinant health product in India)
1998 Shantha sells 22 million doses of Shanvac-B this year, far exceeding expectations
1999 Comparative study proving the high quality of Shanvac-B published in Vaccine
2000 Morgan Stanley and State Bank of Indian Mutual Fund invest $10 million in equity
2002 Shantha introduces first bio-therapeutic product, Interferon α 2b, onto the market
Shantha receives WHO pre-qualification for Shanvac-B
2005 Shantha introduces first combination vaccine onto market - Shantetra (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B)
2007 Merieux Alliance picks up 60% stake in Shantha, which it later expands to 80%
2009 Shantha wins a $340 M USD contract from UNICEF for pentavalent vaccines
  Sanofi-Aventis acquires an 80% controlling stake valuing the firm at $784 M USD