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Table 5 Medical Tourism Companies Marketing Travel, Accommodations, and Tourism-related Activities (Y = Yes, N = No, NA = Not Addressed on company website)

From: Canadian medical tourism companies that have exited the marketplace: Content analysis of websites used to market transnational medical travel

Company Book Travel Book Hotel Book Tours
Axiom Health Solutions Y Y Y
Canadian Healthcare International (CHI) Y Y NA
CubaMedicare Y Y Y
EcuMedical Resources International Ltd. Y Y NA
First Choice Medical Tourism NA NA Y
Health Trips Y Y Y
Health Vacations, Inc. Y Y Y
International Medical Network Y Y Y
JD Healthcare N NA Y
LAM International (Logistic.Assistance.Medical International) NA Y Y
MedAsia Y Y Y
MedExpress Tourism Y Y N
Medi-Pro Medical Management Y NA NA
MedSolution Y Y Y
Medtourlink NA Y NA
Reach Health Services & Outsourcing NA Y NA
Recover Discover Healthcare NA NA Y
Royal Med Services Y Y Y
Speedy Surgery Global Healthcare Y Y NA
Star Hospitals Y Y Y
Sun Medical Group NA NA Y
The InciDental Tourist N Y Y
Tooth Tourism N Y Y
Unbelievable India (partnership with Focuz Group) Y Y Y
Victus Global Healthcare Y Y NA