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Table 1 Capreomycin tiered prices

From: A win-win solution?: A critical analysis of tiered pricing to improve access to medicines in developing countries

Manufacturers Akorn Mac Leods GDF pooled procurement price
Quality status Approved by a Stringent Regulatory Authority Under evaluation by WHO PQ GDF Quality Assurance Policy
1 g powder for injection 8.00 No price information given 4.00*
(Eli Lilly)
  1. Price and quality information. Price of the lowest unit (i.e. the price of one tablet, capsule or vial) in USD ($)
  2. * In future, the lowest available price is expected to change as the Akorn product replaces Eli Lilly's.
  3. Sources: British National Formulary 2010 [32]; Global Fund 2010 [54]; Management Sciences for Health 2009 [55]; personal communication, M. Price, 2010.