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Table 1 Differences between different models of care (adapted from [29])

From: The growing caseload of chronic life-long conditions calls for a move towards full self-management in low-income countries

Issue Traditional medical care Patient-Professional Partnership Full self management
Relationship patient - health professional Professionals as experts - patients as passive Shared expertise and two way relationship: professionals as disease experts - patients as 'life' experts Patient as centre of a web linked with many other resources of which the professional is one
Locus of Control Professional Patient and professional, shared responsibility Patient, supported by professionals and other resources
Problem identification Professional: medical perspective Patient: illness perspective Patient: rebalancing perspective
Problem solving By professional By patient, helped by professionals' teaching By patient, helped by professionals, peers, technology (mastering)
Technical resources Focused on professional Focused on professional Focused on patient
Behaviour influence through External motivation Internal Motivation Motivation via different channels, internal and external