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Table 1 Youth Focus Groups held in Urban Antananarivo, 2009

From: More than just talk: the framing of transactional sex and its implications for vulnerability to HIV in Lesotho, Madagascar and South Africa

  Youth Focus Groups (Participants)
  Wealthier Neighborhood Poorer Neighborhood
  Young Men Young Women Young Men Young Women
University Students 1(n = 6) 1(n = 6)   
High School Students 1(n = 6) 1(n = 6)   
Employed or Looking for work    1(n = 6) 1(n = 6)
"Maditra"*    1 (n = 6) 1 (n = 4)
  1. *"Maditra" loosely translates to naughty or inappropriately behaved. For both women and men included in these focus groups, some of the participants were also university students, but were defined by their local peers as "maditra."