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Table 2 Timeline of key events for the Health Systems Funding Platform

From: The Health Systems Funding Platform: Is this where we thought we were going?

Date Event
10 March 2009 Letter to Task Force on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems from GAVI Alliance and Global Fund.
13 March 2009 Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems Recommendation 9: 'Establish a health systems funding platform...'
25-27 June 2009 Health Systems Strengthening: a Technical Workshop hosted by the World Bank, Global Fund and GAVI Alliance, Washington DC.
October 2009 Action for Global Health. Delivering for Health Systems Strengthening: Civil Society Organisations' Comments on the Proposed Joint Platform for Health Systems Strengthening.
26 March 2010 Work Plan for 2010: Health Systems Funding Platform.
June-July 2010 Nepal and Ethiopia complete JANS processes; MOH Cambodia approves areas of cooperation.
4-5 October 2010 Global Fund 2011-2013 Voluntary Replenishment Meeting
6 October 2010 GAVI Alliance 2010-2015 Replenishment Process
October 2010 Julian Lob-Levyt resigns as CEO, GAVI Alliance
November 2010 Dagfinn Høybråten voted new Board Chair of GAVI Alliance