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Table 4 HIV/AIDS coordination structures in seven case study countries

From: National and subnational HIV/AIDS coordination: are global health initiatives closing the gap between intent and practice?

Country First national coordination structure with a remit for HIV/AIDS* Year CCM was established Current national coordination structures with a remit for HIV/AIDS* Other national- level coordination structures with a remit for HIV/AIDS Subnational coordination structures with a remit for HIV/AIDS
China State Council Coordinating Mechanism for STIs and AIDS (1996) 2002 State Council AIDS Working Committee Office (SCAWCO) (2004) -Most ministries have established HIV/AIDS coordination committees
-The National Centre for AIDS/STD Prevention ontrol (NCAIDS), created in 1998 & integrated with Chinese CDC
-AIDS Working Committees
-AIDS Prevention & Control Lead Groups
Georgia Governmental Commission on HIV/AIDS/STI & other Socially Dangerous Diseases (1996) 2003 Country Coordination Mechanism (2003) -National Centre for Diseases Control & Public Health
-Prevention Task Force (PTF), est. under the USAID funded STI/HIV Prevention Project (UN agencies & national and international CSOs)
Kyrgyzstan UN Thematic Group on HIV/AIDS (1996) 2001 Multisectoral Country Coordination Committee on Socially Significant Diseases & Especially Dangerous Diseases (2007) -HIV/AIDS service CSOs Steering Group
-Intersectoral Steering Group on Health Protection & Social Care in Penal Enforcement System
- UN HIV/AIDS Theme Group
-Regional & municipal level HIV/AIDS coordination committees
-Regional, municipal, district health coordination committees
-CSO Working Group on Prevention of HIV/AIDS epidemic (Osh)
Mozambique National STI/HIV/AIDS Control Programme within the Ministry of Health 2002 National AIDS Council (NAC) (2000) -HIV/AIDS Partners Forum (link between NAC secretariat & donors)
-Network of International CSOs working on Health & HIV/AIDS (NAIMA)
MONASO: Network of national CSOs working on HIV/AIDS
RENSIDA: National Network of PLWHA Associations
CCM for Global Fund which meets mainly for project proposal review
Health SWap: Sectoral Coordination Committee ('comite de coordenacao sectorial' (CCS), Joint Coordinating Committee ('sectoral co-ordination committee') (CCC), HIV/AIDS WGs/Taskforces
-Pre-partners forum (for HIV/AIDS)
-Health Partners Group (for Health Sector)
Peru Technical Commission for Notification & Registry 2002 Country Coordination Mechanism: National Multisectoral Coordination Commission on Health (2000) Multisectoral National Coordination Committee on Health (Global Fund projects) Multisectoral Regional Coordination Committees on Health
Ukraine Governmental Commission on managing development and implementation of AIDS related countermeasures in Ukrainian SSR (1991) 2002 -Coordination Council on HIV/AIDS, TB & Drug Addiction (2007) -UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS
-UN Joint Technical Team
-National Council for HIV/AIDS & TB (2007)
-Committee on HIV/AIDS & other Socially Dangerous Diseases (MoH)
-Steering Group for World Bank Loan
-Regional & municipal level AIDS Coordination Councils
-CSO Forum (Odesa)
-Coordinating Groups of Sites (CGS)
-District Councils on HIV/AIDS
Zambia National HIV/AIDS Council (NAC) (created 2000; made legal by Parliament 2002) 2002 National HIV/AIDS Council (NAC) (created 2000; made legal by Parliament 2002) - Cabinet Committee on HIV/AIDS
-Thematic/Technical Working Groups
- SWAp
- CSO Networks: Zambia National AIDS Network (ZNAN); Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ)
-District AIDS Task Forces (DATFs) & District AIDS Coordination Advisors (DACAs)
-Provincial AIDS Task Forces (PATFs) & Provincial AIDS Coordination Advisors (PACA)
-Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC)
- District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC)
-District Health Management Team (DHMT)
-Community AIDS Task Forces (CATF)
  1. * Year structure was established