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Table 2 Focal GHIs for HIV/AIDS

From: National and subnational HIV/AIDS coordination: are global health initiatives closing the gap between intent and practice?

  Global Fund PEPFAR World Bank MAP
Type of organisation Public-private partnership Bilateral donor Multilateral agency
Date commenced 2002 2003 2000
Disease focus HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS
Priorities Set by country stakeholders presented through proposals Priorities and targets set by US Congress Based on national HIV/AIDS strategic plans
Management approach Country Coordination Mechanisms and Local Fund Agents National AIDS Council/secretariat Coordinated through US embassies
Main recipients Government, civil society, private for profit Mainly US and international NGOs disburse to local NGO sub-recipients; small government grants Government ministries, NGOs
Funds disbursed 2003 (2006) $789.1 M ($1031.3 M) $949.2 M ($2517.6 M) $307.7 M ($36.1 M)
  1. Source: adapted from Biesma et al 2009 [21]