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Table 1 Global and country level initiatives, agreements and processes to promote coordination of health programmes

From: National and subnational HIV/AIDS coordination: are global health initiatives closing the gap between intent and practice?

Global level  
2004 UN '3 Ones' Principles
2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness
2005 Global Task Team on Improving AIDS Coordination among Multilateral Institutions and International Donors
2007 Global Implementation Support Team
2007 Global Campaign for the Health MDGs
2007 International Health Partnership (IHP) Global Compact
Country level  
1980s to date National AIDS Commissions (NACs) or equivalent
1997 Sector Wide Approaches (SWAPs)
  Poverty Reduction Strategies
2001 Global Fund Country Coordination Mechanisms
2006 One-UN - 'Delivering as One'
2008/9 International Health Partnership (IHP) Country Compacts