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Table 1 Core Conditions Utilizing Ultrasound in Resource-Poor Settings

From: Turning a blind eye: the mobilization of radiology services in resource-poor regions

Type Condition Intervention Skill Level Necessity
Abdominal Cephalopelvic disproportion Cesarean section Advanced Moderate
  Ectopic pregnancy Surgical management Advanced Moderate
  Retained products of conception Dilation and Currettage Advanced High
  Abruptio placentae Medical and surgical management Advanced High
  Peripartum hemorrhage Medical management Basic Moderate
  Cholecystitis Medical and surgical management Advanced High
  Tuberculosis (intra-abdominal) Medical management Basic High
  Hydronephrosis Medical and surgical management Basic High
  Abdominal trauma Medical and surgical management Advanced High
  Abdominal masses Medical and surgical management Basic High
Chest Pleural effusion Thoracentesis Advanced High
  Pneumothorax Chest tube Advanced Moderate
  Hemothorax Thoracentesis Advanced High
Cardiovascular Deep vein thrombosis Anticoagulation Basic High
  Cardiac failure Medical management Basic Moderate
  Cardiac valve disease Medical and surgical management Advanced High
  Pericardial effusion Medical management and pericardiocentesis Advanced High
Orthopedic Spine, skull trauma Surgical management Advanced Moderate
  Pediatric Osteomyelitis Medical management Basic Moderate
  Rib, pelvis trauma Surgical management Advanced Moderate
Neurological Neonatal hemorrhage Medical management Advanced High
  Neonatal infection Medical management Advanced Moderate
Procedural Intravenous Access Procedural guidance Basic Moderate
  Abscess Procedural guidance Basic Moderate
  Arthrocentesis Procedural guidance Basic Moderate
  Paracentesis Procedural guidance Advanced High
  Thoracentesis Procedural guidance Advanced High
  Pericardiocentesis Procedural guidance Advanced High
  Foreign Body Procedural guidance Basic Moderate
  Lumbar Puncture Procedural guidance Basic Moderate
  1. *Skill level refers to the skills required both for diagnosis and for subsequent intervention of the generalist practitioner who might perform sonagraphy. We indicate the skill level as such because we assume in the resource-poor context that the generalist practitioner would be required to perform the ultrasound, interpret the result, and perform the indicated intervention. Necessity refers to the need for the imaging modality in diagnosis and management of the condition listed.