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Table 1 Health and Foreign Policy Key Documents

From: Framing health and foreign policy: lessons for global health diplomacy

Title (Abbreviated) Country, Year Comment, Source
Swiss Health Foreign Policy: Agreement on Health Foreign Policy Objectives *[5]
Switzerland, 2006 Published by Federal Office of Public Health and Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Health is Global: a UK Government Strategy *[6, 7]
(UKHG) and (UKHG Annex)
UK, 2008 Issued by the Department of Health
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Departmental Strategic Objectives 2008/09 - 2010/11 # [8]
UK, 2008 Issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom: Security in an interdependent world # [9]
UK, 2008 Issued by the Cabinet Office
Shared Responsibility: Sweden's Policy for Global Development # [10]
Sweden, 2003 Legislation requiring annual report to parliament on how all foreign policies worked towards goal of global development (including health)
Oslo Ministerial Declaration--Global Health: A Pressing Foreign Policy Issue of Our Time § [1]
Norway, France, Brazil, Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa and Thailand, 2007 Statement issued by foreign ministers
Meeting global challenges: international cooperation in the national interest. † [11]
Sweden, 2006 Issued by the International Task Force on Global Public Goods, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Coherent for Development? How coherent Norwegian policies can assist development in poor countries † [12]
Norway, 2008 Report of a two-year all party commission,
Official Norwegian Reports
Foreign policy and global health: Six national strategies ‡ [13]
World Health Organization FTD draft working paper, forthcoming:
Geneva: World Health Organization.
Report of six countries' experiences in global health diplomacy first presented at the Prince Mahidol Awards Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, January 2009
  1. * Official policy statement on health and foreign policy
  2. # Official policy statement on general global development and foreign policy
  3. § Intergovernmental joint consensus statement
  4. † Advisory commission reports
  5. ‡ Commentaries by government officials engaged in global health diplomacy