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Table 8 Examples of Frito-Lay marketing strategies in Thailand, 1999–2003.

From: Uneven dietary development: linking the policies and processes of globalization with the nutrition transition, obesity and diet-related chronic diseases

1999 - Total annual marketing budget estimated at Bt170–180 million (USD4.2–4.4 million) [112]
- Budgeted Bt45 million to promote new Doritos, targeting 15–24 year olds with adverts featuring model and MTV VJ Sonia Cooling and distributing two million free samples. The promotions aim to find "mostly new customers" for Doritos rather than just switching from other brands [156].
- Formed marketing alliance with Major Cineplex to promote Frito-Lay products in conjunction with Start Wars I [157]
2000 - Marketing budget "at least" Bt200 million (USD4.8 million) [118]
- Launched extruded snack brand "Tawan" in alliance for local manufacturers to compete in provincial Thailand [116]
- Formed a strategic alliance with Nokia (Thailand) to target Doritos at new customers. Consumers who collect four jigsaw pieces to make up an image of a cell phone received a Nokia phone. The promotion cost Bt 40 million [122]
2002 - Frito-Lay announced they would double their spending on promotional marketing to Bt 400 million (USD10 million) [158]
- Introduction of larger snack packets offering 20% more content but with no increase in price, and offering three packets for the price of two [115]
- Package redesign for Doritos
2003 - Launch a new flavour "Tawan larb" to appeal to "provincial consumers" promoted with a Bt50 million advertising campaign featuring Thai actress singer Pornchita "Benz" Na Songkhla [114].
- Launched Lay's Nori seaweed spending Bt200 million on promotion using British-Thai actress Kathaleeya McIntosh, chosen because of her "look-good" image [113,159,160].
- Launched new Lays potato chips: Lay's Siam Classic spending Bt50 million to promote the product including TV commercials, radio spots, magazine ads, cinema ads, sales promotional materials such as posters, and free samples [161] Aim was to "widen its customer base from teenagers to consumers aged 18–45 years [159].