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Table 2 Brazil Soybean and soybean oil production, exports, and consumption.

From: Uneven dietary development: linking the policies and processes of globalization with the nutrition transition, obesity and diet-related chronic diseases

  1989–1991 2000–2002
Soybean production (Mt) 19,629,093 37,580,396
Soybean oil production (Mt) 2,679,413 4,467,667
Soybean oil exports (Mt) 732,659 1,556,142
Calories available from soybean oil/cap/day 326 258
Calories available from all vegetable oils/cap/day 371 319
Soybean oil as percentage of calories available from all vegetable oils (%) 88 81
Urban household consumption of soybean oil (% of total daily calorie consumption) 11.4 10.1
  1. Source: based on data from FAOSTAT 2005 [42,145,146]. The numbers represent 3 year averages around 1990 and 2001
  2. Source of household consumption statistics: IBGE 2004 [147]. Note that FAO data suggests a clear decline in calories available for consumption of soybean oil, whereas household consumption statistics show a very slight decline in percentage consumed. The explanation of this trend is not clear. It is not clear whether the urban bias of the household consumption statistics can explain this discrepancy. Household statistics also do not account for food consumed away from home