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Table 1 International eHealth regimes

From: Government capacities and stakeholders: what facilitates ehealth legislation?

Norms Origin Millennium development goals Science and technology policy Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs
Problem perception Fighting poverty and poor health; insufficient resources in developing countries Insufficient coordination between state agencies; insufficient ICT infrastructure Ageing societies; increasing costs
Objectives Advice and recommendations regarding knowledge/technology; cooperation between public and private actors Technology diffusion; higher quality health care; establishing the market for eHealth solutions Driver for economic growth; more efficient and higher quality of health care delivery; market creation
Rules Procedures Supporting activities of the WHO; WHO works with other IOs Commissioned evaluation reports; workshops with member country reps. Participation open to member states (and sometimes to stakeholders)
Actors States, stakeholders States, stakeholders States, stakeholders
  Policy instruments Benchmarking by WHO, standard setting, coordination of standardization organizations, policy and technology advice, and monitoring Best practices, policy and technology diffusion, and learning between member states Establishment of standardization projects for member states, policy and technology recommendations, priority setting, and project funding