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Table 4 Field-test participants’ suggested inclusions and modifications for the Thinking Healthy Program-Vietnamese adaptation (THP-V)

From: Translation, cultural adaptation and field-testing of the Thinking Healthy Program for Vietnam

Proposed inclusions
Session 1 Worries about personal health, relationships with family members, difficult socio-economic conditions, lack of confidence in personal abilities, and perceptions of a bleak future.
Session 2 Difficult socio-economic conditions, poor health, and relationships with family members.
Session 3 Difficult socio-economic conditions, unexpected pregnancy leaving the woman no choice but to accept her baby, and feelings of not wanting the baby or anticipated dislike of the baby.
Session 4 Difficult socio-economic conditions, looking after the baby increasing the mother’s work-load, pressures by people around the woman to diet, and lacking confidence or feeling inferior due to insufficient knowledge about pregnancy and taking care of a baby.
All examples and pictures in Sessions 3 and 4 were endorsed as appropriate and relevant.
Proposed modifications
Session 1 All participants stated strongly that the picture depicting a woman climbing the three steps to thinking healthy should be re-sketched to indicate optimism and hopefulness through positive body language.
Session 2 One participant felt that the example ‘my fate is to be sick’ as unhealthy thinking was not relevant and should be removed.