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Table 1 Global Fund actors and their roles

From: Implementing Global Fund programs: a survey of opinions and experiences of the Principal Recipients across 69 countries

Global Fund Actor Description of role
Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM) The Global Fund point person responsible for all communication between the Fund and the grant recipient country actors.
Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) A country-level partnership that writes and submits grant proposals to the Global Fund based on defined country priorities.
Principal Recipient (PR) Entities nominated or selected by CCMs to implement programs, or sub-contract other entities to implement the programs. The sub-contracted entities are referred to as ‘Sub-Recipients (SRs)’. Principal recipients may be government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private commercial firms or multilateral agencies.
Local Fund Agent (LFA) Country-level organizations contracted by the Global Fund to oversee grant implementation on its behalf. Their roles include pre-grant assessment of country systems, and verification of information submitted by PRs.
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) An independent unit of the Global Fund that ensures proper use of resources through audit, inspection and investigation of grants.