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Table 2 Features of globalisation

From: The health impacts of globalisation: a conceptual framework

New global governance structure Globalisation influences the interdependence among nations as well as the nation state's sovereignty leading to (a need for) new global governance structures.
Global markets Globalisation is characterised by worldwide changes in economic infrastructures and the emergence of global markets and a global trading system.
Global communication and diffusion of information Globalisation makes the sharing of information and the exchange of experiences around common problems possible.
Global mobility Global mobility is characterised by a major increase in the extensity, intensity and velocity of movement and by a wide variety in 'types' of mobility.
Cross-cultural interaction Globalising cultural flows result in interactions between global and local cultural elements.
Global environmental changes Global environmental threats to ecosystems include global climate change, loss of biodiversity, global ozone depletion and the global decline in natural areas.